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Making sure to have a good time

I try to live well, and not spend money on things I don’t really need. Sometimes though, it’s good to get a little frisky and make sure to have a good time. So this weekend, my wife and I dropped our daughter with grandma, and had some well deserved fun.

See, we really haven’t gone on too many dates. Not that we really ever need to, we like to spend time at home and watch our daughter run around the backyard, but sometimes, you need to kick up your feet, and let loose a bit. So Friday night, we went out to a movie, which we had not done in over a year. We use to go to movies all the time, but now the thought of sitting in a theater for 2 or more hours sometimes makes me feel like I’m not being productive. But I got rid of that feeling for one night, as we had the option to do whatever we wanted. It was nice to sit down, and put my arm around my wife while watching a good flick.

Then, on Saturday night, we rented a Limo and went out with a group of friends to the Galleria and had dinner and some drinks, then went dancing. Click Here to see the limo company we called for our service for the evening. I highly recommend them, and they did a phenomenal job all night.… Continue Reading


We recently had some renovations in a rental that we purchased a very long time ago. Now, this wasn’t the Stretch SUV Limo of renovations, but it’s going to double as my office, until I find a new office outside of the house. I’ve been working out of an office off and on for about ten years, but decided to move home because I want to be closer to the kids, and I can do everything that I have done in the past at my offices right here at home. I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a change, considering I have a very good work ethic, and I can avoid distractions with the best of them. But I do have a lot of people telling me ‘I’ve worked from home, and you need to be aware of a few things’. These things apparently are:

  1. Don’t do chores while you’re working during the day. This will kill productivity, and if you even let that one little thing get in your way, you can have a snowball effect on getting things done. I can see this, and I’m going to avoid the chores to the best of my ability.
  2. Treat your meals as you would while you were in the office. Basically, take the exact time that you normally would if you were out of the office for lunch, snacks, and meals. One thing that my friend Gabe told me was that you will need the breaks every day so you can let your brain rest. People who work from home typically tend to get too busy with working, and forget to take breaks or leave the house. So I guess I have to remember to leave the house.
  3. DON’T answer the door. If people knock on the door, or ask you to do a favor for them (like a neighbor) because you’re at home, don’t respond to it. Sure, this may seem like you’re not being very nice, but you have to act just like you’re working at the office, and not do things that people ask you to do around the neighborhood. If they know you are open to doing this stuff, they will request and expect it on a much more often basis.
  4. Workout. Don’t forget to workout, and if you have to do that while at home, make sure you do it consistently. Studies show that people who work from home can gain up to ten pounds in the first month from working at home due to poor eating habits combined with poor workout habits.
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My Sundays

I normally spend my Sunday’s catching up on family stuff around the house. You know the drill. Right now, it’s about time to head outside and rake the leaves. I told myself this year that I wouldn’t call the lawn company to do my leaf pickup. It’s a hell of a value to have them do it, at around $350. That’s what I call a good use of the dollar. We have a massive cottonwood tree in our backyard, and a big pine out front, so I’m always up to my eyeballs with leaves in the fall and early winter. I would say that it takes about a full day to pick up the leaves if I put together all the time I spend outside doing the chore of raking, taking to the dump, etc. Between that and picking all the leaves out of the gutter, I think it’s probably more time overall.

When it comes to that time, lets say that I spend a total of ten hours raking, cleaning leaves out of gutters, etc. If I pay a lawn company $350 to do all the work that it would take me, I’m saving roughly $35 per hour.

So, the question becomes – Am I worth more than $35 per hour? Well, I’m not going to get into how much I bill for my specific work, but the answer is a resounding yes. The question then becomes, or you may ask, ‘Why the hell are you going this work if you don’t think it’s worth your time’?

My answer: Because I’ve been working so much and so hard the last few months, my working out and fitness has slipped greatly. I need the exercise, and raking leaves provides that, especially if I do it for roughly ten hours. Something that simple as a forced workout will help me with my cardiovascular shape, and I need that right now.

It’s been a couple years since I’ve given myself the joy of raking leaves (sarcasm). But seriously, I kind of like the manual labor every now and then. I wouldn’t do this for a living, but when I get the chance to do it, I love the opportunity. The only current downside of all of this is that I am missing valuable time that I need to be working. But I work a lot at night, and on the weekends so I can actually get away with it when I do need to perform the manual labor.… Continue Reading

Working more lately

I’ve been working more hours lately building on a new project, so I’ve been working about 60 hours per week for the last 4 weeks. Whenever I or anyone starts a new project, aand they are happy with the direction that it’s going, they’re going to put in extra time. That’s where i’m at. Not for love or money will I let this project fail, because the potential of it is absolutely huge. So in light of the fact that I’m busting my hump on this project but love where it’s headed, my family time has slipped a bit during the week. I’m normally good about devoting time to my family. Because I’m the CEO, I can step away when I have to take my kids to school or get things done around the house. My staff is very good, and they take care of things when I can’t be there.

But this new project demands my attention. The new trainings. The new protocols. The new problems that pop up hourly that I have to deal with or delegate for now. Those will all smooth themselves out over time, and I have a ton of confidence in my staff to handle the workload…Eventually. But not right now, not with things being built and products/business deals in flux. When you’re spending a ton of money to grow a new business, those expenditures are not taken lightly by anyone. In our company, we have made it very clear that we value everyone’s and well being more than anything else. That’s still the case right now, even as everyone is working overtime. When we launch a new product or service, we tell all of our employees up front that they will be asked to work overtime, but it’s not required in light of needing to take the time for oneself and family.

We subscribe to the philosophy that we Use The Dollar (intentional plug) wisely, meaning that we don’t waste our time and money on things that don’t help us out at all. The same can be said for the time that we spend on something. If it does not provide us with any value, then we let it go very quickly because losing time is something that we cannot currently afford.

For the most part, all of us here at our company are making the necessary sacrifices to work the overtime needed to grow a new product or service. The thing that we do a bit better (at least we think) than anybody else is we provide our employees with a good work life balance, and some education on what it takes to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy.… Continue Reading

Using my time wisely

My time is a precious commodity. I want to make sure that I use it very well, and that it’s not wasted on useless activities, or activities I have no business taking part in. When it comes to business, as well as personal life, I like to make sure that I outsource as much as possible so I can create as much free time as possible to spend with my daughter. Free Time. The one thing that we all wish we had more of, doing exactly what we want. Especially when most every person (at least American) spends 8 hours a day out of the house working, time becomes so much more precious than we even imagine.

For my business, I’m having a hell of a time making sure I delegate tasks so they get done. Maybe it’s not that I’m struggling delegating them, but more like I’m struggling finding the right people to delegate them too. When you run a business, and you need for not only your productivity but other’s productivity to be very high. most of the onus is on the the business owner to make sure that they are setting the right expectations for their employees on what they need to accomplish. This, for most people, is the hardest part of running a business. Any successful business owner knows that the health and stability of their business is only as good as the people that they hire to help them run it. Every single person who is working in that business needs to work collectively as a team, but get their own work done, to make sure that the revenue is coming in the door, and that the business continues to be profitable.

Lately, my staff has been a little lackluster, and it’s a bit frustrating because I feel like I am leading by example. Coming in early. Staying late. Running productive trainings. It’s not that they are completely losing interest, or they are doing a horrible job, but I set my standards for my employees very high. If I’m paying you, and you’re following my lead, you better be pulling your weight.

Every now and then, I’ll have a personal reality check, and audit myself to see if I am really giving the right guidance to my team. Most of the time, there’s always something I can improve on, and I work diligently to be better at anything and everything.

I know that I’m a bit too harsh, but I feel like I treat my staff very well, and they understand that they are valued.… Continue Reading

My newest conundrum

I don’t normally divulge much about my private life, especially on the interwebs, but since I have a new little conundrum hitting me, I suppose I’ll share a bit.

I have a daughter. I won’t tell you the exact age, but lets just say that she still requires help getting ready for school (daycare) in the morning.

Because I have a daughter, I have to think about saving for her wedding, college, and all the different things that you should do for your kids. Your parents might have done the same for you, or they may have not. For me, my parents helped me out a little with my college education, and a little with my wedding, putting me in a good position to succeed.

I’m very aware that not everyone grew up that way, with their parents taking care of them financially. But I can unequivocally say that it’s one of the biggest reasons that I’m successful the way I am today.

Don’t for one second take that as my folks gave me a ton of dough when I was a kid and didn’t make me earn it. That couldn’t be further from the case. I had chores. I had to do cut the grass. Do the dishes. Take out the trash. Make sure my room was clean. Help clean the house. Wash my parents cars. You name it, I probably did it. Yup, I even cleaned up our dog’s crap from the backyard.… Continue Reading

Hello and Welcome to my Blog

Greetings to everyone out there that has an interest in what I have to say. I don’t know if you’re coming from the same place that I am in regards to what I’ve been through in life, but I hope what I say here has some sort of impact on your life, personal, business, or financial. I have been thinking about all the financial decisions I’ve made for a very long time, and have come to grips with all the mistakes I’ve made because any other line of thinking is going to drive me to drink.

There’s too much time that I’ve wasted in life not doing what I’ve wanted to do, and because of that I’ve wasted a bunch of time thus far. My wasting time has come to an end, and I want to make sure that, first, I have a forum to express my thoughts, and also provide some help to people that are just like me. So, if you’ve wasted time in a job, wasted money (who hasn’t), and wasted your free time chasing a dream, you’re in the right place.

I hear people tell me all the time that they wish they could take back time, but it’s the one thing that we can never get back. We can always make more money. We can always make better decisions in the future, but time is lost the moment that it passes.

When it comes to money, my habits are getting so much better because I’m actually watching what I spend on, and not wasting any money on little things that I don’t need. That has always been a huge crutch in so many people’s lives, spending on something they have absolutely no use for. I’m the same way, and when I look around my home to see what’s on my bookshelves, in my fridge, in my basement, etc. I see so much that I have absolutely no use for.

Lately, I’ve been reading a ton of books about only having the essential things in your life. So don’t be surprised if you read some articles on this blog about me eliminating junk. It’s something that’s been recommended to me for a very long time, and I’m going to start cutting down on all the personal belongings I have.

In fact, here’s a video on essentialism that I found on YouTube, and I thought may be beneficial for you.


I’ll stop there for now, but I’ll be back with more tidbits on my next post, whenever that may be.… Continue Reading